Welcome to pastastore’s documentation!

pastastore is a module for managing Pastas time series and models.

The module supports storing and managing data with a database or on disk. This gives the user a simple way to manage Pastas projects, and allows the user to pick up where they left off, without having to load all data into memory.

An small example using pastastore:

import pastastore as pst
import pandas as pd

# initialize a connector and a pastastore
pstore = pst.PastaStore("my_store", pst.PasConnector("my_dbase", "./path_to_folder"))

# read some data
series = pd.read_csv("some.csv", index_col=[0], parse_dates=True)

# add data to store
pstore.add_oseries(series, "my_oseries", metadata={"x": 10., "y": 20.})

See the table of contents to get started with pastastore.

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