Welcome to pastastore’s documentation!

pastastore is a module for managing Pastas timeseries and models.

The module supports storing and managing data with a database or on disk. This gives the user a simple way to manage Pastas projects, and allows the user to pick up where they left off, without having to load all data into memory. For users who have used pastas before, this module is similar to pastas.Project, but much more extensive in terms of functionality.

The connection to the data/database/disk is managed by a connector object. Currently, three connectors are included. The first connector DictConnector stores all data in-memory using dictionaries. The other two implementations ArcticConnector and PystoreConnector store data in a database or on disk. Both implementations are designed to have fast read/write operations, while also compressing the stored data. These connectors are implemented using the following two modules:

  • Arctic is a timeseries/dataframe database that sits atop MongoDB. Arctic supports pandas.DataFrames.
  • PyStore is a datastore (inspired by Arctic) created for storing pandas dataframes (especially timeseries) on disk. Data is stored using fastparquet and compressed with Snappy.

See the table of contents to get started with pastastore.

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